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This is How it is Done! - Case Studies for Download

This area you can download various examples of the use of the universal Human Detector security technology. These examples show only a small range of the scope of services of the Human Detector system. Technical specifications are subject to change without notice. The documents can be viewed online as well as saved to and printed on your own devises. Please note our copyright terms and regulations. Changes to these documents as well as copying in part or as whole and the publication in other documents, on internet pages, in emails etc. is only permitted with the prior written permission of heddier electronic GmbH


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Case studies from the field "Museum"


Protection of paintings and pictures in museums, exhibitions and galleries

Protection of sculptures and statues

Protection of show cabinets in museums and exhibitions

Protection of figurines with radar detectors

Protection of figurines with capacitive sensors
Protection of pedestals in museums
Protection of historical furniture in museums and castles
Protection of exhibition areas with capacitive floor sensors
Protection of exhibits with video technology



Case studies from the field "Vehicles in museums and private ownership"


Protection of automobiles in museums and private collections

Protection of motorbikes in museums and private collections

Protection of technical machinery in museums




Case studies from the field "Trade and commerce"


Monitoring and protection of jewellery and diesplay cabinets

Protection of medicine cabinets and storage facilities in hospitals

Protection of safes and weapon cabinets

Surveillance of carpet demonstration systems and cloakrooms in the retail trade